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Samsung Kitchen Suite, Smart Kitchen Appliances – Star Trek Replicators Produce Food Hot and Mature Perfectly in Seconds Or Designed Equipment and Speakers Jetson may sound like a science fiction but the underlying idea behind these devices is not “smart”. excessive

In fact, coffee makers such as GE, Maytag, Whirlpool and Samsung have now worked with futuristic devices for existing homes, such as Cisco, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems. These intelligent devices can store notes, create recipe ideas, calculate cooking times, and burn heat-consuming foods. Oh, and some of these kitchen furniture can even play movies waiting.

Samsung Kitchen Suite

Many of the prototypes that are being developed do not appear outside the lab because studies indicate that homeowners are unwilling to use large sums of money to make these smart devices in their homes. The average consumer is not currently available in an oven that starts cooking a phone or a kitchen appliance attached to a laptop.

But do not worry about the modern delicacies, the market has cooking facilities that incorporate high-tech devices that make the cooking time fun and practical. Samsung works with the European Food Chain to produce a barcode microwave ovens that can automatically evaluate and set the exact cooking time with a frozen scanner.

They have also developed a wireless cooler with a removable LCD display that allows you to leave voice messages, write notes, manage family calendars, and watch TV or DVD programs. Are you tired of washing after washing? Today, the last ring is equipped with built-in sensors that can assess dirt, choose water softness and containers (plastic or porcelain) and the required quantities of laundry detergents to reduce waste.

Wine lovers can enjoy the new intelligent GE basement, a standalone device with interesting features programmed at the factory. At a price of over $ 30,000, the winery keeps records of information such as name, vineyard and year and produces barcodes for each bottle. All data is stored on the GE server via an internet connection.

Induction ovens, found in European kitchens for over 15 years, have found their way to Canadian homes. Instead, temperature-generating burners, induction technology, generate an electromagnetic response to steel or stainless steel cookware, whereby the “burner” cold starts. Technology would be more efficient than 25-30 percent energy compared to a normal furnace and is fast. A large kettle can be cooked in just two minutes.

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