World Kitchens Jerky, Beef Jerky: A Brief History and A Killer Recipe

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World Kitchens Jerky, Beef Jerky: A Brief History and A Killer Recipe – Although the meat is a whiskey probably the most well-known American pioneer tradition (think of John Wayne Westerns or Daniel Boone Davy Crockett), they have different cultures around the world snappy than the preservation method for nearly 500 years. Today, dry meat is still a popular snack for a large number of people and for good reason. It’s light, portable, practical and delicious. Whether you are hiking or going to work, you know that dry meat can be a quick and tasty snack to keep your energy level and full flavor.

Here is a brief description of Jerky’s exceptional story:

Biltong is from the 18th century in South Africa. Dutch immigrants used recipes to preserve meat to save the game during the hot season. Preparation Marinoi meat starts with a few hours of solution, vinegar and then add spices – coriander, pepper, salt and brown sugar. The meat does not contain too much marinade and hangs dry. The average drug is given for 4-5 days during drying. North American pioneers were dried up by exposing them to their car for a few days. However, this method was appropriate for the symptoms of wear and disease, so they quickly started to burn meat when they camped at low temperatures. This method has been worrying about the meat for several months compared to sunny days. As a result of smoking denial, smoking resulted in better hardening of the meat and reduced disease status. Indigenous Americans created vanilla cooked meat and berries from printed compositions. Available meat, including deer, deer and of course buffalo. Southern Americans began in the mid-sixteenth century, in the sun or in the dry parts of the salted meat. The most significant was the ketsua tribe, the grouping of Inke rich who called him to prepare for Ch’arki. Spaniards have hung goat meat on their boats as preservation methods during their long journeys. When he lived in America, his name for dry meat, Charqui, became dominant. This is the etymological reason for what we now call inequality.

Let’s start an adventure!

The fact that Jerky has existed for centuries does not mean that you can not be a pioneer in the kitchen. Beef (or meat, wild animal or buffalo) is not only light and fun, even nitrite. Avoid unhealthy, nitrates and other unsuitable, often packaged preservatives for storage. And you can check all the flavors you want to add.

Here is my simple but delicious recipe for a hot and sweet idiot Love: I use 2.5 to 3 pounds of round roast, often packed in London BBQ. (BTW, London Broil is not a meatball, the kitchen is called the London Broil beef top round that works very well because it is very thin and generally well distributed.But fat and meat reduce the average thickness of the inch place a ribbon on a plate, dish or pan. Add (see below) and meat marinade mix them to cover stripping plastic wrap and cover for 12 to 24 hours in the refrigerator periodically (every 4-6 hours), the mixture was mixed with a uniform saturation obtained from the Give Meat is evenly brown, which means that the meat absorbs a lot of taste from Adobo Adobo Combining a fancy part is really in the kitchen, you can add almost anything … this is one of my favorites:

Worcestershire sauce: 5 or 6 good baking paper, 2-3 pounds.
Frank’s Red Hot (or fresh pepper sauce): 5-10 sprays depending on the heat you want.
Pickapepple sauce (or spicy sauce with fruity flavor) a few teaspoons or more.
Chili Flakes: Optional, but you know you want them
Lemon 2 tbsp This will show the depth of sweetness to the taste warmer we just added and really improve the end product!

World Kitchens Jerky

Mix well and pour the meat. Mix the mixture, as mentioned, every four hours during the marinating procedure. The total length of the amusement must be at least one night, preferably longer. I have about 16 hours. When the meat is ready to marinate, place the ribbon in a dry bowl. Try to keep the tires straight and prevent the tires from touching. Up to two to three pounds should be used for 4-5 pots. Handle the dryer with 165 degrees F (or highest setting). According to the tumble dryer, this can take 4 to 12 hours. My plant lasts about 6 hours to make wet marinade a fool. Your time depends on the drying agent, the thick strips, the environment, and especially the dry meat. Check often when you’re done, and if the consistency is similar, call it finished. (For at least four hours … that will kill all the active bacteria.) For safety reasons, I recommend to cool the dry meat in an airtight container. The refrigerator takes more than two weeks, maybe longer. If desired, the frames can be frozen for long-term storage; Use well sealed plastic bags or airtight tanks to prevent freezing. The most important aspect of dried meat is the pleasure of preparation and consumption! So in this sense to have fun!

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