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Black Wood Floor Stain, Teak Wood Floor Maintenance –  This type of floor is beautiful, exotic and stylish and can be made from your restaurant in the way you want. Wooden floors have been regarded as one of the least demanding maintenance and permanent forests in the market.

Keep regular teak floors, fine grain texture can be beautiful for years. This is an excellent floor type that is used in areas with a lot of traffic. Keep the floor stylish, there are a few simple tips that you should keep in mind when using pure teak.

Black Wood Floor Stain

Teakpuhdistin the use of special cleansers for teak cleaning is very useful if you have a floor-shaped shape. It can produce black spots on the floor. There are two types of detergents on the market, such as:

• Detergents in one piece: they are softer and require a cleaning time of 10 to 15 minutes.
• Detergent in two parts: they are a bit more difficult since the first part contains acid, followed by careful brushing, so a neutralizer is used to purify the remaining acid.

Even though they efficiently remove black spots from the teak, they can damage the floor. So be careful how often you use them. Breathe every week another service for tequila is that you are in vacuum every week. The use of a vacuum cylinder is very effective on the Teak floor. The reason for this is that this type of vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for hard floor cleaning and a powerful vacuum cleaner for dirt and dust that can be made with cups.

Clean regularly this is one of the best tips for maintaining the teak floor when it comes to basic cleaning. You do not need to clean the floor with a special cleanser. Use only pure water. Make sure the bone is wet and does not fall. If the bone is too wet, the floor may lose gloss and shine and cause swelling of the wood. Lightly rub on the floor to prevent accumulation of dust particles on the floor.

• Use moisturizers in winter to prevent mold and reduce shrinkage.
• Use oil at least once or twice a year to get shine and glow. It does not affect life expectancy, but it is a good thing for aesthetic purposes. Polish teak floors once a month to create dirt and restore splendor and glorious wood.

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