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Has a single man a right to have a baby with the help of a surrogacy program?

Yes, he has - 90.5%
No, he hasn’t - 4.8%
Doubt - 4.8%
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Mr. Konstantin Dancheev, the General Manger of Agency of Reproductive Medicine answers your questions.

Question:  We need a surrogacy program (the medical indication is Rokitansky syndrome). We would like to have an IVF procedure performed with my own egg cells and the semen of my husband. Can my sister be our surrogate mother?

Answer: Yes, she can, if she is 20-35 years old, she has her own healthy child, and she is ready to undergo a set of necessary medical procedures. Your sister must undergo an examination and have medical certificates stating that she has no contradictions to carry and deliver a baby. We suggest you to turn to a specilized clinic for a consultation in order to elaborate your examination and treatment scheme. 

Question: My husband and I are deciding on a surrogacy program due to my inability to carry a baby. The fertility specialist says that my egg cells are not good for fertilization. Can a surrogate mother donate us her egg cells? Is it necessary to perform an IVF procedure in this case?

Answer: In compliance with the Russian legislation (cl.10 of Art. 55 of the Federal law on “Fundamentals of Healthcare of Citizens of the Russian Federation” issued in November 21, 2011), a surrogate mother is not allowed to be engaged both in the quality of a surrogate mother and that of an egg donor.  So, a surrogate mother cannot have any genetic connection to the baby she carries. In your case we recommend IVF with the egg cells of an anonymous egg donor and the sperm of your husband. The created embryos will be transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother. After the birth of your baby you will be registered in the quality of his/her legal parents. To have such a program implemented you should have a consultation of specialists first.

Question: My wife and I are going to have a surrogacy program implemented. We have a question: can you guarantee that we will be registered as the legal parents of our baby? If I understand it properly, it depends on the consent of the surrogate mother. What if she will refuse to give it?

Answer: You are quite right. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation the biological mother of a baby is the woman who delivers him/her.  So, after the baby is born the surrogate mother gives her written consent to have the intended parents registered in the quality of legal parents of the baby.  As to a 100% guarantee for it, nobody can give it to you, as a small probability that the surrogate refuses to give her consent does exist. However, we perform a very careful selection of potential surrogate mothers. All the selected women have good physical and mental health; they are mentally stable and good-motivated. I can add that we have never encountered situations of this kind, as everything is done in conformity with our surrogacy agreement. However, as a small hypothetical probability of such a situation does exist, we can guarantee you  that in case if the surrogate mother  fails to execute her obligations under the surrogacy agreement, we will implement another surrogacy program for you with another surrogate mother at our own expense, which is covered by  the surrogacy agreement.  

 Question:  If we conclude a surrogacy agreement, shall we have it attested by the notary?

Answer: To attest a surrogacy agreement concluded between you and the surrogate mother is not necessary, as it doesn’t reinforce its legal effect. In this case the notary can attest your signatures, but not the essence of your agreement.

Question:  I am a single woman. Can I have a baby with the help of surrogacy?

Answer: Yes, you can. Cl. 9 of Art. 55 of the Federal law on “Fundamentals of Healthcare of Citizens of the Russian Federation” issued in November 21, 2011 states that infertility treatment with the help of Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) and surrogacy is allowed both to a married and a single woman.

Question: Is it obligatory to have certain medical indications in order to have a baby with the help of surrogacy?

Answer:  Yes, it is. Surrogacy is allowed only in case of certain medical indications specified in the Order № 67 issued by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation in 2003.  For more detailed information on indications to surrogacy, please, visit our website.

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