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Has a single man a right to have a baby with the help of a surrogacy program?

Yes, he has - 90.5%
No, he hasn’t - 4.8%
Doubt - 4.8%
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The intended parents, who need a surrogate mother to carry a baby for them, consider various ways of candidate search. We would like to illustrate you some advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

·         Advice of relatives or friends

It is a very good variant, but not the most efficient one: a desire to help is not enough for being a surrogate mother. A woman must correspond to a number of medical requirements: age, health state, an obligation to have own children, which minimizes a risk of complications during IVF and pregnancy.  

·         Surrogacy discussion forums in Internet

Some years ago this way to search a surrogate mother was rather widespread among biological parents. The main reason for that was their desire to save money.

Indeed, the cost of “services” of a surrogate mother found with the help of an advertisement is lower than that offered by a surrogacy agency.  However, there is a lot of problem which may arise in the course of a surrogacy program and should be taken into consideration.  

First, you have to pay the tickets and a complete medical examination of this woman, and if she is not approved by the doctor due to health sate, you have to go thought it again with another one and yet another one and etc.  Moreover, as practical experience shows it, you have to pay a consultation with a professional psychologist specialized in the field of assisted reproduction technologies, and, unfortunately, your first good impression of this potential surrogate mother may be ruined and her psychological immaturity may entail rather unpleasant consequences.  

The next step is a surrogacy agreement which must be elaborated according to the legal norms and cover all the aspects and issues of your surrogacy program in order to minimize possible risks and to guarantee the execution of obligations of the parties.  

The following issue is to find a clinic which will perform a procedure of extracorporeal fertilization and an embryo transfer into the uterus of the surrogate mother.

You must be ready to deal with everything yourself: to rent an apartment for the surrogate, find a clinic which will conduct pregnancy surveillance and a maternity clinic for the baby to deliver. You will also have to satisfy fundamental needs in the surrogate’s everyday life, take under control her health state and regular consumption of the medicines prescribed by the doctor and etc.  

You will have to deal with all the legal issues.

Moreover, you should keep it in mind that swindle is often closely connected with this sphere. There is a black list of surrogate mothers which, unfortunately, constantly extends.   

Fortunately, this insecure way to search a surrogate mother becomes less attractive to biological parents. The guarantees of agencies seem more solid than a would-be lower cost of a program.   

·         Private mediators

This way to search a surrogate mother is highly insecure. Risks are still high. Moreover, you have to pay compensation to mediators for their services.  Even if they suggest you to have a look at their database of surrogate mothers, a candidate search begins only after an advanced payment.   There is a lot of swindlers even on this layer.

·         Surrogacy agency

The cost of package services offered by professional surrogacy agencies covers not only compensation of the surrogate mother, but full assistance in your program implementation.   

This kind of search has a number of advantages and guarantees:

·         Program implementation and coordination by professional specialists with much practical experience in this field

·         Selection of a surrogate mother from the current database of candidates who are already examined by fertility specialists and psychologists

·         Customizedsurrogacyagreement

·         Personal program coordinator

·         Full legal assistance up to the obtaining of a Birth Certificate with your names in the quality of legal parents of your baby


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