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Has a single man a right to have a baby with the help of a surrogacy program?

Yes, he has - 90.5%
No, he hasn’t - 4.8%
Doubt - 4.8%
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True and false facts about surrogacy

In spite of the fact that surrogacy has been applying for fertility treatment worldwide for a long time the absence of true and correct information on it creates a great number of myths.  We will try to   rebut at least some of them.

1.    One of the widespread myths which is popular with those who have a negative attitude to this method is: surrogate mothers sale their children.

The statement itself indicates to the fact that these people either have poor knowledge of this issue or have strong intentions to mislead others. The matter is that a surrogate mother does not have any genetic connection with the baby she carries.  The embryo transferred into her uterus is created by means of an extracorporeal fertilization of an egg cell of the biological mother and with the sperm of the biological father.  

2.    Surrogacy is for those women who don’t want to waste their time on pregnancy and are afraid of spoiling their good shape.

Well, this myth has very little to do with reality. Actually,
surrogacy is allowed only for women with uterus agenesis or with serious uterus malformations, or in cases of numerous failed IVF attempts.  These women are forced to search a surrogate mother due to their inability to get pregnant and not because of their desire to avoid it.  Each of these women has a big problem and the only way for them to have their own baby is to resort to surrogacy.

3.    It is very expensive. You have to buy an apartment to your surrogate mother and even pay her a round sum of money in addition to it.

Many believe in these incredibly stories.  In fact the cost of all-inclusive surrogacy program is much less expensive that it is believed to be.

4.    It is illegal.

Fortunately, large mass media coverage of a new federal
law «On fundamentals of Healthcare of Citizen of the Russian Federation» approved at the end of 2011, which enters in effect in January, 2012, gives our citizens more information on this issue. However, we can’t speak of drastic changes of public opinion.

5.    Very often surrogate mother refuses to hand the baby to their biological parents.

This statement result from our legal norms: the registration of the biological parents in the quality of legal parents of the baby requires a written consent of the surrogate mother.  In theory she can refuse to give it. In practice the probability of such a situation is reduced to minimum. It can be easily explained by the fact that all the aspects of the program are specified in a surrogacy agreement as well as the obligations and guarantees of the parties, which protects their interest to the fullest extent.

6.    The agreement with a surrogate mother must be attested by the notary.

Even if you have your surrogacy agreement attested by the notary, it will not reinforce its legal effect, which makes this attestation pointless.