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The number of Ukrainian women...

According to statistics, the difficult economic situation in Ukraine has become the reason for increasing number of Ukrainian sperm and egg donors. In...

Hyaluronic acid will enhance the...

British scientists have found that hyaluronic acid can increase the effectiveness of in vitro fertilization. This substance is present in various body...

Danish women will be able to...

Copenhagen-based International Sperm Bank has addressed itself to finding a loophole in the country´s laws on egg donation. Last week the bank´s press...

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Has a single man a right to have a baby with the help of a surrogacy program?

Yes, he has - 90.5%
No, he hasn’t - 4.8%
Doubt - 4.8%
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Researches from the USA and Italy developed a new technique, so called 3D sperm evaluation which enables them to assess sperm motility with precision. It is very important for the selection of spermatozoa used in IVF+ICSI procedures. The essence of the innovation is embryologists can watch spermatozoa moving in real time. The researchers are going to perfect the 3D technique so that embryologists might select only the superior spermatozoa.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is applied to treat severe cases of male infertility (aspermia, asthenozoospermia, immunologic factor and etc.). It presupposes a selection of a spermatozoon which will be inserted into the cytoplasm of an egg cell.

At the moment embryologists select spermatozoa by studying a sperm sample under a microscope and evaluating their quality by eye. However, IVF clinics can use a PICSI dish which helps select mature spermatozoa on the basis of their ability to bind to hyaluronic acid covering the bottom of the dish.