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Has a single man a right to have a baby with the help of a surrogacy program?

Yes, he has - 90.5%
No, he hasn’t - 4.8%
Doubt - 4.8%
The voting for this poll has ended on: 08 Mar 2015 - 00:00

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The state-run All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) has published the survey of public opinion on surrogacy.

76% supported the idea of surrogacy. But 60% of the participants said that surrogacy should be permitted only in case of pathologies which prevented from conceiving a baby in the natural way.  Only 16% believed that it was not necessary that you should have pathologies to turn to surrogacy.

The participants were also asked whether they thought that a surrogate mother did it for a good cause helping childless people become parents. 51% said that she did, 26% said that it was immoral and 23% were unable to respond.

The survey also asked whether the participants would turn to the services of a surrogate mother, if they were not able to conceive a child. Most (45%) said that they would adopt a child from an orphanage, 30% were in doubts, and 25% would turn to this practice to have their own child.

The most negative attitude to surrogacy was expressed by participants with secondary education and low income aged over 60.

The survey was carried out in 130 cities and towns in different regions of Russia. The total number of participants was 1600 people.  On its webpage VTsIOM said that the statistical margin of error did not exceed 3.4 percent.