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Has a single man a right to have a baby with the help of a surrogacy program?

Yes, he has - 90.5%
No, he hasn’t - 4.8%
Doubt - 4.8%
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Surrogacy is one of assisted reproduction techniques applied in serious cases of female infertility. If a woman is not able of carrying and delivering a baby due to her health state, a fertility specialist may recommend her surrogacy.

Medical indications to surrogacy

·         Congenital or acquired aplasia of uterus

·         Uterine and cervical malformations due to congenital abnormalities or acquired infections

·         Various somatic diseases which are considered contraindications to carrying a baby

·         A number of failed IVF attempts, i.e. embryos of good quality are created, but their transfer results in no pregnancy

What are the stages of a surrogacy program?

A woman gives her consent to have an embryo transferred into her uterus. The embryo has no genetic connection to her. The surrogate mother undertakes the obligation to carry and deliver a baby, but the Civil Register registers the biological parents in the quality of parents of the baby.

Therefore, a surrogacy program is a complicated process which demands a careful arrangement of its organizational, legal and medical aspects. 

Here is a brief summary of a surrogacy program stages:

·         Consultation of the intended parents by an authorized specialist of our Agency on a surrogacy program  arrangement, implementation,  and the terms of a surrogacy agreement

·         Consultation of the intended parents by a fertility specialist in the clinic they selected on a possibility of implementing a surrogacy program for them and on their treatment program

·         Preliminary selection of a surrogate mother  according to the norms of the legislation of the Russian Federation

·         Elaboration and conclusion of the agreement on surrogacy

·         Arrangement and performance of an IVF procedure and a transfer of the biological parents’ embryos into the uterus of the surrogate mother 

·         hCG test for pregnancy confirmation

·         Pregnancy surveillance carried out by the specialists of the IVF center and by a program coordinator authorized  by the Agency, all current medical and organizational issues resolution in the interests of the biological parents as well as treatment of the surrogate mother in case of concomitant diseases and complications caused by fetal malformations or in case of miscarriage risks 

·         Arrangement of obstetrical aid during the delivery, obtaining of a consent of the surrogate mother to have the biological parents registered in the quality of legal parents of the baby in the Book of Births and obtaining of a Birth certificate with the biological parents’ names in the quality of legal parents of the baby

·         Compensation of the surrogate mother under the surrogacy agreement 

Our Agency provides legal protection services to the biological parents and has its professional staff deal with the program arrangement, which excludes any direct contact of the surrogate mother with the biological parents. 

Surrogate mother selection

According to the Russian legislation, a woman aged 20-35 years with good physical and mental health who has her own child can be a surrogate mother.   Large surrogacy centers have their own database of surrogate mothers who are ready to be engaged in a program and have already undergone a thorough medical examination.  In our Agency all candidates undergo a supplementary primary medical examination as well as an interview with our professional psychologists specialized and experienced in surrogacy. It should be mentioned that a lot of potential candidates are discarded at the selection stage.  After the primary examination a set of compulsory examinations, analyses and test is performed by our fertility specialists. Only after all the examinations are undergone a woman is registered in the database of our Agency. When their surrogacy program starts, the biological parents can have a close study of the surrogate mothers’ profiles without revealing their identities to these candidates.

Agreement conclusion

The surrogate mother and the intended parents sign a surrogacy agreement, which specifies all the issues on carrying and delivering a baby as well as compensation and monthly payments to the surrogate mother, the order of payment, and other individual aspects specified according to requirements of the parties. Elaboration and conclusion of the surrogacy agreement is done with the assistance of a professional legal specialized in the field of surrogacy. It gives a possibility to consider all the important issues which may arise in the course of the program and helps distribute responsibility for its arrangement among our staff.  

Program coordination

Our Agency undertakes responsibility for the organizational part of your program and promises full commitment to arrange your visit to Moscow and a surrogacy center as well as elaborate a customized surrogacy agreement and assist in its signing.


Before signing a surrogacy agreement you should specify which services will be included in your surrogacy program. We can offer you various program arrangements in order to help you opt for that which satisfies your requirements and fits your budget.  In any case we can guarantee you that the program will be implemented by professional specialists. Our staff is highly qualified in various fields (legal specialists, psychologists, fertility specialists, coordinators), which guarantees assistance at each stage of your program.  

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